Don Quijote Technical Rider for Touring

NWPL’s Don Quijote

Technical requirements

  1. The space:

A flat surface, preferably a wooden floor, large enough to accommodate the acting area consisting of an arena of 28’-30’ diameter (8.5m-10m) with two raised platforms 16’ x 4’ x 3’ (1m x 4m x 1m) at the opposite ends, seating for the audience, and 4 quick change booths at four corners of the space. Raised platforms should have access steps at each end. See attached schematic.

A black box type of space is preferable. If the space has windows, there must be a possibility to block daylight and completely darken the room.

  1. Backstage facilities:

Dressing rooms large enough to accommodate six actors (3 female, 3 male).

Wardrobe and laundry on the premises preferred.

  1. Lighting:

Inventory large enough to accomplish goal listed in the attached Lighting Requirements document. Dark blue and medium red colors for top washes and specials. A pattern rotator (Gobo rotator) mountable on a profile (ellipsoidal) type of instrument.

  1. Sound:


  1. Technical crew:

Host’s technical crew must be present during load-in and setup.

Company Stage Manager must be able to have an unobstructed view of the acting areas while running the show. There must be an easy, direct communication channel between the Stage Manager and the light board operator.

  1. Scenery/Other:

3-4 sets of pipe-and-drape.

  1. Contact:

James Slowiak, Director:

Chris Hariasz, Lighting Designer: